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Mimosa floral concrete manufacturer in India
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Mimosa floral concrete manufacturer in India

ALLURED HINDFRAG-AHF manufacturing Mimosa floral concrete in India Botanicale Name_Acacia famesiana Others Name_Mimosa bush, Needle bush, Cassie flower, Fragrant acacia, Ironwood, Sweet acacia, Sweet wattle • Hindi: गुह बबूल Guh baboool, Gukikar, Gandh babool • Manipuri: Chigong lei • Marathi: गुकीकर Gukikar • Telugu: Nagatumma • Kannada: Kasturigibbali • Hindi: ગંધેલો બબૂલ Gandhelo babul• Oriya: Kapur • Tamil: Kadivel, கஸ்தூரிவேல் Kasthurivel, பீக்கருவேல் Pikkaruvel • Assamese: তৰুৱা কদম Tarua kadam • Bengali: Guyababula Product description_Mimosa concrete obtained exclusively by solvent extraction from fresh flowers of Acacia famesiana . Apperence_Mimosa concrete is a Light brownish Color with waxy solid contains natural perfume,plant waxes,albuminous and coloring matters. Packaging_Suitable packing Sizes with AL/SS/Glass Bottle / Can / Drum with carton Box Feautures_Mimosa concrete is added in cosmetic, perfumery, Pharma compositions. Disclaimer_ We believe the above information to be correct but we do not present it as all - inclusive and as such should be used as guide. Since many factors affect the processing and application of our product, processors should carry out their own tests before any particular application.



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