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JASMINE SAMBAC CONCRETE MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER IN INDIA, FRANCE Botanical Species:Jasminum sambac (L.) Soland., fam. Oleaceae. Most Jasminum Sambac species are also commonly called Arabian Jasmine, Sambac Jasmine, Sampaguita, Pikake and Hawaiian Peacock Jasmine. Because of the inconsistency’s and similarities of the Jasminum Sambac family the many varieties are easily confused with each other. Jasminium sambac, is a clustered flower of an equally strong scent. Jasmine flowers are used to make perfumes.
+,-france botanical-species:jasminum-sambac-(l.)-soland.,-fam.-oleaceae. most jasminum-sambac species-are-also-commonly-called-arabian-jasmine,-sambac-jasmine,-sampaguita,-pikake-and-hawaiian-peacock-jasmine.-because-of-the-inconsistency’s-and-similarities-of-the jasminum-sambac family-the-many-varieties-are-easily-confused-with-each-other. jasminium-sambac,-is-a-clustered-flower-of-an-equally-strong-scent. jasmine-flowers-are-used-to-make-perfumes./b38
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